Incense - A Concentration Booster!
Life can be felt more deeply and intensely only if we could focus all our mental energy at the task or moment at hand. Rather than attempting to attend to many different tasks; if human mind could channelize all the mental energy towards.

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Aromatherapy- an easy way to recline in the laps of Relaxation!
Do you remember the fragrance of first showers of rain? Or the fragrance of your favorite flower? Do you associate your home or closest people or maybe your best moments in life with a particular fragrance? Does the memory of your favorite fragrances bring an instant smile on your face? .

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Indian Roots of Incense Sticks
In the land of culture, colors and fragrance; incense stick (also known as Agarbatthi) has been a tradition since the time of Vedas. The Atharva Veda and Rig Veda are the oldest sources in the world where there has been a mention .

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Incense- A Companion on your path of Meditation
It is a common ritual around the world, to light up incense before meditation, which is one's attempt to reach the ultimate state of bliss. Although meditation only requires control over the mind and to have a spiritual experience..

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