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The formative concepts underlying Pure Incense Private Limited are that, the entire world is a huge market, and every human being is a consumer; that the needs of consumers are of paramount importance; that equally important is valuing our workers and taking care of their aspiration and well-being, and finally that social responsibility of the company is just as important as profit making.
The preamble of our organization also lays emphasis on providing direct market access to rural artisans of India. This provides Pure Incense Private Limited an opportunity to fulfil its obligations as a socially responsible corporate citizen.
In pursuit, of the ongoing philosophy, Pure Incense Private Limited was established in 2004 with the primary object of catering to the needs of discerning overseas buyers. Thus providing goods of the highest quality possible, at competitive prices, became our vision. A relationship with our clients as well as workers became the driving force.

Our Strengths

Strategic location of our several units is illustrative of both our corporate strength as well as personality. The corporate head office is located in New Delhi. Our production centre is located in a modern industrial area outside Delhi, has 20,000 square foot area for operations and meets all compliances. Our plant and machinery is imported from Taiwan. The best of raw materials, locally and imported are used. Strength also lies in our system of having quality checks. All goods must first flow in for quality and specialized inspection, before supply to the customer.

Our Product Offering

Because of our global perspective and an international clientele, Pure Incense focuses on an eclectic range of Lifestyle Aroma Products. During the past decade, Pure Incense has earned the goodwill of countless customers all over the World.
The almost entirely "Home and Office Aroma Focus" of products covering a wide range that are offered to consumers has proved to be nothing short of a bundle of benefits. There is at first and inherent harmony in the articles available and an opportunity to exercise choice according to individual taste, and surety of quality of goods as bonus.
The products we offer are attractive items of Aroma, which help stylize homes and offices in a manner that reflects fine taste and personality. Also on offer are Aromatherapy items like Aroma Reed Diffusers, Aroma Essential Oils, Fragrant Sachets, Room Sprays and Room Refreshers help the customer enrich their mind, body and soul. In addition, there is an incredible array of Incense Sticks, Japanese Incense Sticks, Incense Cones, Incense Gift Sets, Garden Incense Sticks. Every Incense Stick is fashioned by hand & dipped in the finest oils. These are aptly complimented with fascinating variety of Handcrafted Soapstone Aroma Accessories, Soapstone Incense Accessories, Handcrafted Wooden Incense Burners, Incense Holders and Accessories to suit the needs and choice of the customer.
We are the pioneers in developing state of the art technology by introducing Polymer Fragrance Diffusion System, using a blend of Polymers along with a fragrance optimization technique, delivered through Fragranced Polymer Beads and customized molding. We have to our credit introducing many Polymer Air Care products, which provide a controlled and consistent fragrance release lasting up to 30 days. The Fragranced Urinal Screen and Toilet Bowl Deodorizer Clip, use proprietary polymerized fragrances and polymer based fragrance delivery system to replace Dichlorobenzene products, popularly known as Naphthalene Balls, which are proven to be Carcinogenic.
Dry Car Air Fresheners (No Oil No Mess), Door Handle Scented Tassels, Clothing Storage Accessories using pure Neem and Citronella oils are also new innovations by Pure Incense Private Limited.

The Charmed Circle

An ever expanding international market, coupled with our significant growth, have widened the circle of our client companies, from Australia to Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Middle East, U. K., Germany and for quite some time, the United States of America.

Our Team

An experienced and dedicated group of workers manage Pure Incense Private Limited. At the helm are key managers, who ensure that each order is processed with specialized management and reaches the customer in good shape. Our commitment remains constant and the dedication to the Pure Incense philosophy is complete. Our endeavour towards innovation has led to a never before seen range of products based on unique packaging.

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