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Incense - A Concentration Booster! Incense - A Concentration Booster!
Incense - A Concentration Booster!

Life can be felt more deeply and intensely only if we could focus all our mental energy at the task or moment at hand. Rather than attempting to attend to many different tasks; if human mind could channelize all the mental energy towards a single task, marvels could be created daily. Many ascetics like Swami Sarvapriya Nanda and scientists like Csikszentmihalyi have spoken of the concept of flow and the power of the human mind to be completely immersed in a task and experience energized focus, enjoyment and satisfaction.

  There are a lot of ways to boost your concentration and one of them is using aroma therapy. A lot of monks and ascetics in various cultures take the help of aroma to enhance their experience of meditation. Also, many scientists claim a correlation between aroma therapy and increased concentration. Incense and aroma create a sense of increased awareness and heightened creativity. A positive atmosphere is created by incense and aroma that lets you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be at your productive best.

  A range of aroma fragrances are specially crafted to improve concentration and alertness. Some of the most sought after are:

  • Peppermint: Peppermint can help to soothe the nerves and stimulate alertness at the same time. It helps to focus the senses so that you can be very productive on the task in hand. It can also help to keep the mind awake and hence is especially useful for students as well as academicians. It is also said to improve memory.

  • Rosemary: Owing to its ability to stimulate the mind and body aromatherapy; rosemary fragrance has been prevalent in treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Thus time and again results have proven rosemary to be a successful booster for cognitive performance and memory. Because of the attractive fragrance, rosemary can also uplift the mood of the user.

  • Lavender: The sweet smell of lavender has been a craze since time immemorial because of its calming effect on the mind. This soothing fragrance is hard to miss by and one cannot help but yield to its charming effect. Aromatherapy using lavender has been in use for quite some time now for treating work and school related anxiety. This aroma works by first calming the mind of the user and then improving concentration and memory. If you are looking forward to improving productivity at work or at school with a natural touch then probably lavender is your best solution.

  • Basil: Basil is another one in the list of wonderful solutions for improving concentration and memory. Basil can come at your rescue when your mind is fatigued from long hours of work or study but you still need to pull more hours before an important presentation or exam. Doctor’s best choice among natural drugs for mild nervous disorders, stress and anxiety; Basil has proven to be very effective in increasing alertness and improving memory.

Next time you are searching the answer to how to be more productive at work or study; we believe aromatherapy with the above mentioned fragrances will be on your priority list.

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